Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A week has passed.

Still no pictures, I cannot seem to find my phone cable, but I have been taking a few.

7/28/2014 (7/30/2014)

It was on this morning that I made the brave decision to ride a horse for 4 hours, now let me preface this by saying that I regret nothing, just holy cow did my butt hurt after, I was quite sore. The wrangler that I was going with before had the day off so I was left with a different wrangler, somehow it just wasn't as fun, but boy do I love those horses. To me a horse a really just a big puppy that you can ride, give them some treats and they will love you forever. I chose to ride Jasper for the 4 hour ride and by the end he was as tired as I was.

I hung out with some of the staff while they did their work, I can't be the only person who thinks that's a little weird, but it just gave me more opportunities to be with the horses, there was a mustang called Aztec, it was the coolest horse I had ever seen, it had a caramel body with chocolate brown highlights around its ears and for the mane, I wish I got a chance to ride it.

Then it was silent, everyone had gone or was at a different cabin and I was left all by myself, its not very fun to watch all of the young people get into their cars and drive off to have their own fun while I am stuck at a ranch that for all intensive purposes may as well be closed. I spent the rest of my night just walking around and looking at the horses, I think this was my low point for the trip. Not every night can be wedding crashing and birthday crashing.

7/29/2014 (7/30/2014)

I guess I must have taken being ignored personally because the next morning I was in a hurry to get out of there, I didn't even ride again, I just ate, and left, sometimes that's really the best exit. I made my way back to Loveland to get my car fixed, but for some reason it just wont fail when I bring it to the mechanic, although I did manage to find out that the guy at the first shop was trying to cheat me by selling me a fuel pump even though mine was perfectly fine, don't let anyone sell you anything base on the check engine codes, I have gotten royally screwed like that a few times now.

So it was time to figure out my next move, I started putting out applications while I was waiting for the mechanic, I have been looking at resorts because they offer housing too, its kind of like getting paid to be somewhere amazing. I also found a hostel in Denver so once I got my car back I made my way there. Low and behold the car started acting up as I got into Denver, luckily I was where I needed to be so I just parked and went it.

I got to the hostel and it was pretty bad, there were holes in the walls, the microwave had a hole punched in it, there were homeless people all over, and the guy at the building started off our conversation about how when he worked in a medical ward he watch a guy with mouth cancer spit his own tongue out, so as you might have guessed I was a little spooked. But no matter, I am an ADVENTURER!

I relaxed for a little bit before a I befriended this guy from South Korea, he was probably 22 and we walked around looking for somewhere to eat while he told me about his country, that place is wild. I also may have talked mad shit about North Korea the whole time, but its really not my fault that they are the joke of the western world. I told him all about the crazy things that happen in America, he was pretty floored, I think its best I don't go into the chilling details.

Once we got back he went off to do his own thing and I was just hanging out in the room, there was 3 bunk beds and in one of the bunks was a traveling chef, we started talking about moving around a lot and he gave me some really good advice on how to find a job and where to look, I immediately started applying again while talking to him. We exchanged stories for a while, sometimes its hard to tell if someone is telling the truth about the things that they have done and seen, although I bet plenty of people think the same thing of the stuff that I talk about. By the time 11 rolled around I was dead on my feet so I went to bed.


Woke up the next morning to find the South Korean guy had made it back safe, thank god for that, I have never seen so many homeless people in my life, Denver is full of them, although they aren't violent, I think there are more hippies than anything. I wasn't so interested in staying there so I beat a hasty retreat back to Loveland again. While there I applied for more jobs, he put some fuel injector cleaner in there and so far it seems to have done the trick because my next drive was quite a long one.

Through my research I found out about a Hostel in Breckenridge (The town that makes the beer), so I drove out there but the rain was pretty bad, it had been raining for the past 18 hours with only short breaks. When I got to this place I thought I must be mistaken. I went from the worst hostel that I had ever seen to the best. Seriously, this place had oak bunk beads with down comforters and marble counter tops, seriously I have been to hotels that couldn't compare to this. I think I might stay here for a few days. Upon checking my emails I had two responses, and then a third called my phone, tomorrow I have interviews, and if all else fails I can go to a organic farming group in California for 6 months.

It was still raining but I decided to go for a walk anyways, I walked all through Breckenridge, I was soaked by the end but it seems like a really nice little skiing town. Most of the stuff is on the main street, including "BUBBA GUMP SHRIMP", that's one of those moments I wish I wasn't a vegetarian, I walked around for a while and then came back to the Hostel for beans and corn on a tortilla. I talked to some of the other travelers for a while and applied for some more jobs, would rather have a lot of job offers rather than none. That brings us up to the present, right now I am sitting in my incredibly comfy bed and about to go to sleep.

I think I will try to blog once every 3 days so until next time, I wish you all well.

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